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The Agricultural-Awareness Trust

Agri Aware is the independent Irish Agri-food educational body, with a mission statement “to improve the image and understanding of farming and the agri-food industry among the general public”. Agri Aware delivers curriculum linked events and programmes, to spread awareness to the general public of the economic, social and environmental importance of the farming and agri-food industry. Because some of the programmes we deliver are funded through EU and State funding, it is vitally important that our accounts and reports are verifiable through EU and domestic audits. As CEO, I have the peace of mind of knowing that I can rely on the credibility of the bi-monthly management accounts and annual accounts prepared by TaxBright.

Dr Vanessa Woods, Chief Executive

Internsplus Limited

Since our company was formed in 2012 we have used the services of Taxbright, they have guided us from being a Sole Trader to a Limited company. As the programmes we deliver are funded through the EU it is essential that our accounting is transparent at all times, Taxbright service provides us with regular updates on Revenue requirements and sound financial advice regarding cutting costs and increasing cash flow. We are finding the information and monitoring provided by them a useful business tool helping our company grow, we are better able to analyze and track how our business is going this allows us to make necessary adjustments on a regular basis and ensures we monitor all aspects of the business closely. I would definitely recommend TaxBright to anyone looking for an Accountancy Firm that just doesn’t look after your accounts; they look after you as a person and as a business.

Margaret Purdy, European Program Manager

Wilson Family Butchers

We are retail and wholesale butchers operating across a number of locations in the city and since the recession, it has become a very competitive business. Our challenge is to deliver high quality meat products at the keenest prices. Timely analysis of our gross margins in the different locations is a must and TaxBright provide us with accurate monthly profit margin analysis on time each month. They also do our wages weekly, our VAT returns and our yearly accounts. We have been working well with TaxBright’s personnel for over 20 years.

Henry Willson, Director

Carousel Nursery

The TaxBright team are very pleasant to work with, reliable and they always return my phone calls. I don’t like paperwork and managing the nursery takes up all my time. TaxBright looks after my books and tax returns. Others have gone to Taxbright on my recommendation and they are pleased with their service too.

Ann Marie Doyle, Owner

CDA – Customer Dimensions Analytics Limited

We use the latest and most relevant customer driven analytics techniques to identify where our clients systems and processes are failing in meeting their customers’ expectations. As a start-up business in 2012, TaxBright installed effective and efficient book-keeping and reporting systems and introduced from day one an effective tax minimisation structure which has proven its worth. TaxBright has delivered on their original promises on service delivery and value.

Shaun Moran, Managing Director



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