Clients love our "no surprises" packages. We have designed these packages for each individual client putting together all the services they need over a year.


Advice on Initial Business Structure

  • A guiding hand through the complete process of starting a business.
  • Creating a structure under which you would pay the minimum amount of tax.
  • A structure that will deliver the lowest VAT rate for your business.
  • Advising you on your obligations to staff on the provision of a pension.
  • Provision of hand-book outlining your obligations under Labour Law and to employees on such issues as the calculation of annual leave and public holiday entitlements and working conditions.
  • Advice in relation to Grant Aid available for your business
  • Your need for outside finance and sources of finance available.
  • Design of appropriate controls within the accounting system to ensure that all monies due to the company are received and that all goods and services paid for were received by the business and are being paid at the agreed rates.

Tax Registration

  • The completion and filing of all tax registration forms covering, where applicable, payroll taxes incorporating PAYE, PRSI, Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Wealth and Contracts Tax etc.

Registration with CRO

  • Complying, where applicable, with the Registration requirements for a business name.
  • Where applicable, completion of all filings with the Companies Registration Office.

Assessment of Accounting needs

  • The existence of a robust accounting system tailored to the needs of your business is crucial and should incorporate the following features

Income Tax Ruturns

  • Preparation of your annual Income Tax Return.
  • Informing you of the most beneficial income tax payment terms.
  • Timely filing in order to avoid penalties and fines.

Financial Accounts

Financial accounts should not be used just to calculate the tax bill and neither should they be left gathering dust in filing cabinet or a drawer. The financial accounts can yield valuable, crucial and vital information to you regarding:

  • A sound formation to prepare budgets for the future year.
  • Measurement of the year’s performance against last year’s budget projections.
  • Assessment of purchases and expenses charges.
  • The vital and central function of the gross margin analysis.
  • How future growth will be financed.
  • The adequacy of the existing financial structure.

We will guide you through the financial accounts interpreting all these figures and ratios highlighting the individual messages for your unique business.

VAT 3 and Return of Trading Details – On-Line Submission.

Having determined the correct Vat rate for your unique business, our on-going service, with your co-operation, will ensure:

  • Filing of Vat Returns and ROTD from the figures supplied by yourself.

RCT (0 – 5 invoices per month)

Where applicable the rules relating to Relevant Contracts Tax are complex and non-compliance with the rules can be oppressively expensive for a business. The obligation to operate Relevant Contracts Tax applies to a person carrying on or related to people carrying on building operations, land development, the manufacture, treatment or extraction of materials for use, whether used or not, in construction operations, meat processing operations and businesses that include the processing, cutting and preserving of wood from thinned or felled trees in sawmills or other like premises or the supply of such products for processing.

Failure to operate Relevant Contracts Tax in accordance with Revenue requirements exposes the individual to paying the tax which should have been deducted together with interest and penalties thereon.

Payroll – (0-3 Employees)

Our payroll service includes;

  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll.
  • Complying with all requirements and documentations for staff commencing and leaving.
  • On-Line filing of P.45’s and P.30’s.
  • Processing benefit-in-kind additions in the payroll
  • Provision of electronic payslips
  • Preparation and filing of the annual P.35

CSO Returns

  • Preparation and filing of Central Statistics Office returns.

Unlimited Telephone Support (call-back or email within 24 hours)

The unlimited telephone support is in respect of ordinary day to day tax compliance and business issues on the lines of;

  • Am I obliged to register as an Employer for a part-time/temporary employee?
  • What rate per mile should I pay for travelling expenses?
  • I am travelling away from base, how can I qualify for flat-rate Revenue approved subsistence expenses?
  • What vat rate should I charge on a new line of product or a new service?





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